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At Peak Performance Auto Repair, we are a full service repair business. We offer a wide array of repairing services to handle any automotive issue. With over 30 years of automotive repair experience, you can rest assured your car will be restored to "peak performance"!


We also specialize in repairing European and Foreign cars, diagnostic repair and electrical work.

Diagnostic Work

Engine Repair and Replacement

Engine Diagnostic Repair

Electrical Engine Repair

Engine Cooling System

A/C and Climate Control Repair and Replacement

Tire Balancing, Repair and Replacement

Steering Repair

Suspension Work

Tune Ups

Mufflers and Exhaust Work

Wiper Blade/Fluids Replacement




Oil Changes

Fuel Injection Work

Belt and Hose Work

Car Light and Accessory Work

Brake Repair and Replacement

Exhaust Repair and Replacement

...and more!


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